Can Reflexology Induce Labour?

I got a call today from a lovely pregnant lady who is past her due date and desperately seeking ways to induce labour. If you search Google for solutions, reflexlology and acupressure come up pretty high on the list of things to try, so I get these calls fairly regularly.

The first thing to say is that I truly believe that if baby isn't ready to appear, it won't be budged, but if it's ready to go and your body just needs a little push, then reflexology can help. Here are some things you can try:

Spleen 6

Spleen 6 is an acupressure point on the medial side of the lower calf, about 4 fingers up from the ankle. DO NOT work spleen 6 until you are at your due date. It is contraindicated during pregnancy as it encourages the uterus to contract. Once you are past your due date it can be a powerful tool. Ask your partner or reflexologist to put pressure on the point and to massage the area around it.

Kidney 1

Kidney 1 (also known as the solar plexus reflex) is a great reflex point to work during any session and it can be used throughout pregnancy to help promote calm and reduce anxiety, which is very useful in women who are past their due date. Kidney 1 responds well to strong, continuous pressure, so ask your partner or reflexologist to press and hold it down for an extended period of time.


General Ankle Area

Your ankle area contains several useful reflex points for stimulating labour. The uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes and pelvis all have reflex points around the ankle area, so gently massaging and putting pressure on the areas around the ankle can be great for helping to wake up your lower abdomen.

Bladder 60

This is a great point to use to induce labour, particularly if the baby hasn't dropped into the pelvis yet. This acupressure point is located directly behind the ankle is best stimulated using the thumb.

Digestive System

The idea behind eating a curry when you are waiting for labour is that disruption to the digestive system will prompt your whole lower abdomen to start moving and encourage labour. You can also use reflexology to stimulate the digestive system. The reflex area is found on the planter area of the foot, towards the heel. Massage a little lotion into this area of the foot using the knuckles or thumb.

Other Things to Try

Our clients have told us about success stories thanks to eating a spicy curry, going for a long walk and drinking raspberry leaf tea. We're also told that eating dates can help as it stimulates your digestive system.

This Little Piggy Reflexology is happy to offer reflexology treatments from your second trimester of pregnancy. We also offer workshop sessions for Dads to be to show them how to give a great foot rub during pregnancy, labour and post-labour. Contact us for dates and prices.

This Little Piggy at Restival

This Little Piggy went to the Sahara Desert...

Restival is a new concept, a cross between a retreat and a festival, and the little pigs were chuffed to be invited to attend the first ever event, held in the Sahara desert - naturally.

We packed up our lotions and potions and headed to Marrakesh, where we were driven in 4x4 jeeps across the Atlas mountains to a stunning bivouac camp in the heart of the desert, totally remote from all villages and towns.

The whole event was incredible, and we're thrilled to be a part of this brand new community. Here's to ongoing collaboration and many more events to come!