Our Pig-losophy: We love feet! Not in a creepy way. We just love how powerful your feet are. Reflexology aims to balance the entire body by working with meridians and energy centres in the feet. We can address specific problems (such as digestive issues or migraines) or we can do an all over balancing treatment. 

Does it work? We like to under promise and over deliver. Let's be honest, the science behind reflexology is shaky, but having said that, science has also never been able to find out why we sleep either (yep, that's true - google it). We've seen reflexology have incredible impact, and we've also seen people who don't feel much difference. Our advice? Give it a go. If nothing else, we promise to give you 60 minutes of pure pampering. Want to know more? Read our blog on whether reflexology is right for you.

We offer home visits across North London and you can also find us being pig-headed at the Haelan Centre in Crouch End.

This Little Piggy reflexology was founded by Kitty, a long time Harringay resident and North London enthusiast. Kitty graduated from the Academy of Reflexology with a Level 5 Mastership (that's the highest qualification in the country - just saying) and is a member of the Professional Association of Reflexologists. Your trotters are in safe hands with us.

You can book treatments in North or East London by emailing littlepigreflex@gmail.com.